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Making pitches in front of live audiences is an essential element of Valcon Marketing, Inc.’s work. Every professional can benefit from learning the essentials of persuasive public speaking. It is an element of the in-depth training we provide to all our new team members. Here are four guidelines that you may find extremely useful:
Passion Counts: Delivery is so important when speaking to an audience. In some ways, your passion and energy matter more than your actual message. Naturally, substance is important. However, a great delivery can make okay content impactful.

Start at the End: Make your end point clear from the start of your presentation. Sometimes at Valcon Marketing, Inc., we think of this as a reverse hourglass model. Begin the presentation by stating your core point, expand upon it in the middle, then return to that main idea in the conclusion.

Speak Naturally: A lot of people think of public speaking as a very rehearsed, clinical experience. In reality, the most effective presentations are often far more natural. Your talk does not need to be planned out to the finest detail. Instead, speak comfortably and conversationally with the audience.

Practice: There is a reason for the saying that practice makes perfect. Invest serious time into getting the feel for your talk. Have someone sit in as your audience. He or she can help you hone your talk to be the best it can be.