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Few things impress Valcon Marketing, Inc. hiring managers more than candidates who ask the right types of questions. Here are a few things interviewees should ask about to set themselves apart from their fellow jobseekers.
We’re intrigued when candidates ask how success will be measured in the positions they want to fill. Not only does this show us that a potential hire wants to make an impact quickly, it’s an ideal way for the person to learn more about our culture. Candidates find out if they’re good fits for our work environment when they ask how we evaluate people and measure achievement.

It’s a good idea for interviewees to ask what types of problems the positions they’re applying for help to solve. We’re always looking for solution-oriented people to join Team Valcon Marketing, Inc. Asking this question tells us a lot about the kind of person we’re interviewing.

Candidates who ask to share a few ideas of their own are also quick to impress our hiring managers. Simply having the courage to offer insights about the job or our company is impressive in its own right. The fact that someone has done enough research on our firm to confidently present his or her own ideas is a great sign too.